Horizontal road marking and road safety signs

Horizontal marking plays a crucial role in ensuring road safety and efficient traffic. They can include lane dividers, crosswalks, stop lines, arrows, and other symbols that help drivers navigate the road and understand traffic rules. Road markings are usually made using paint or thermoplastic materials that are durable and visible to drivers in a variety of weather conditions.

Road signs are important visual aids to provide information, guidance and warning to drivers. They play a crucial role in ensuring road safety – they provide information such as speed limits, directions, warnings of potential hazards, regulatory instructions, etc. They are usually made of reflective materials to improve visibility, especially at night or in adverse weather conditions

To ensure traffic safety, it is important to mark safety signs and roads with high-tech methods that meet international requirements.

The laboratory validates:

 • Daylight reflection of the paint 
 • The night light reflection of the paint
 • Light reflection of vertical traffic signs

With all of the above parameters, we can determine how safely the work is performed

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