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CITGeorgia - Construction Materials Laboratory

CITGeorgia – Georgian-Australian Construction Testing Laboratory ‘Caucasian Infrastructure Technology’ was established in Georgia in 2013. Since then, it has been actively involved in both national and international projects, funded by various donor organizations and the Department of Motor Roads of Georgia. As a subsidiary of the Austrian engineering company Nievelt Engineur GmbH, the laboratory operates as an influential member of the European Association, conducting its activities in Austria, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia

Horizontal road marking and road safety signs

Road markings are related to safe traffic, therefore it is important that they

Base coats and grit sand foundations

In the laboratory, it is possible to determine the physicomechanical properties and compaction

Concrete mixture, cement and concrete structures

The quality of the concrete ensures the stability of the construction. The laboratory

Laboratory work is conducted according to the international ISO standards

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Highway Engineering

Laboratory has an experience in Highway Construction of E-60 Highway Rikoti Section First, Second, Third and Four lots. Ruisi-Agara Highway Section, Tbilisi-Sagarejo Highway Construction, Samtredia-Grigoleti Highway Construction.

Internal Roads

More than 200 rehabilitation projects of internal roads

Civil Engineering

More than 150 Civil Engineering Buildings, including tests of concrete, sub-base, base etc.

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