“Caucasian Infrastructure Technology” LLC represents itself as multi profile testing laboratory, which offers to its customers testing and survey of the materials for already used or/and potentially applicable materials in road and civil construction field, laboratory qualitative testing performance, also consultations about relevance and credibility of the different materials in the field of road construction.

“Caucasian Infrastructure Technology” LLC was founded in April 2013. Since the 09. January 2014 the company was accredited by LEPL “The Unified National Body of Accreditation – Accreditation Center” four 4 years, in the next fields:

  • Nonmetallic materials: Crushed stone and gravel for the construction from Dense rocks of a mountain;
  • Sand – gravel mixture for construction work;
  • Sand for construction;
  • Mineral powder;
  • Concrete: heavy and fine – grained concrete
  • Concrete mixture
  • Asphalt mixture and asphalt
  • Soils and fundamentals of crushed stones
  • Oil bitumen

“Caucasian Infrastructure Technology” LLC testing laboratory is generally equipped by German and Austrian modern devices and is staffed by experts with extensive experience and high qualifications, which causes the rapidity of the laboratory testing, high quality and high accuracy in road, civil, industrial, railway, hydraulic and in other construction areas.

Despite the short period of operation, during the half period of the year 2014, “Caucasian Infrastructure Technology” LLC, based on written agreements and letters, has provided its permanent service for more than 50 companies.